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August 30 th, 2014 Hi Everybody,

Derby birds were released from Yahk at 9:00 AM .

We had 4 birds on the first drop, than 2 more shortly after.
The first bird arrived at 15:08:29 PM

Congratulations to  The Moorettes !

Here are the first 6 birds .

1. CU-0008 - The Moorettes
2. CU-3502 - Sunshine Loft
3. CU-803 - Dave Naylor
4. MP-0289- Gary Vallance
5. CU-6846- Trey & Lil Colson
6. CU-14108- Fungus Farm

Wayne Daigneault

August 29th, 2014 Hi Everybody,

Click here  to check the basketed birds list sent to the final Derby Race on August 28th 2014.

            Good luck everyone !

Wayne Daigneault
August 23 rd, 2014 Hi Everybody,

Derby birds went 60 miles on Saturday, August 23rd 2014 morning, 39 birds let up at 7:20,  31 arrived home 8:31:50 AM

All but two were home shortly after.

Top six in the clock are:

1. CU-3502 at 8:33:51 John Koene
2. CU-14114 Jules Hou
3. NR-0002 Coulson & Lochbaum
4. NR-1364 Trey and Lil Coulson
5. NR-1212 Lorne Trow
6. CU-907 Dave Naylor

Thursday night basketing and handling of your birds before shipping of the 300 mile derby race  at 7:00 PM.

Owners only to handle their birds, no one else.

Bonding can also be done.

Calcutta bidding will start between 9:30 & 10:00 Saturday morning, at 28500 King Road Wayne & Brenda's House.

 Any QUESTIONS contact Wayne at 604-309-8730


Wayne Daigneault
August 17 h, 2014 Hi Everybody,

Derby birds were released from Sunday  Summit at 11:30 AM, high overcast.

15 on a drop at 13:53:50 Congrats to John Koene !

1. CU-3519 John Koene
2. NR-1733 Jim Sprangers
3. CU_0008 The Moorettes
4. CAL-0031 Wayne Beaudoin
5. MP-0682 Lorne Trow
6. NR-1321 Wayne Lochbaum
7. NR-1212 Lorne Trow
8. IF- 3460 Jim McInnes
9. AU-14103 Fred and Dori Goodchild
10. CU-4996 Walter Derfel

Don't forget basketing for derby race Aug 28 at NORTH ROAD CLUBHOUSE.

Wayne Daigneault
August 11 th, 2014 Hi Everybody,

Hope Slide ace pigeon race Monday morning, release time 6:10.

Was a little slow, had 24 on a drop at 08:49:35.
Congrats to Jules Hou.

1.  CU-14114 Jules Hou
2.  NR-1733 Jim Sprangers
3.  CU-7614 Melinda & Jason Mihalec
4.  AU-14103 F&D Lofts
5.  MP-803 Dave Naylor
6.  CU-6817 Rod Baccay
7.  MP-907 Dave Naylor

Congrats to all remaining flyers acepigeon results in the next day or so.
Don't forget Saturday's 90 mile race.

Wayne Daigneault
August 2 nd, 2014 Hi Everybody,

Here are the first 6 birds arrived from Bridesville today :

Congratulations to DAVE NAYLOR !

1.   MP-0907-14- Dave Naylor
2.   NR-1733-14- Jim Sprangers
3.   MP-0379-14 - Diamond Loft
4.    NR-1212-14 - Trojanhorse Loft
5.    CU-106-14 -  K&C Moore
6.    MP-743-14- Tom Spring

Wayne Daigneault
July  28 th, 2014 Hi Everybody,

We had 47 birds on adrop in just under two hours the first 3 in were :

1.)  Sunshine Loft : CU-3502
2.)  Sunshine Loft : CU-3519
3.)  Jim Sprangers : NR-1733.

Will have Ace pigeon results on sometime this week.

Wayne Daigneault
July  24 th, 2014 Hi Everybody,

Due to last weeks toss,we did not send the birds on the first ace pigeon race.
We felt it would be better to, hold them till Saturday.
They were hit pretty hard by falcons.

We will try to send them  for the next  ACE pigeon race on Saturday , July 26th 2014 and we will keep you posted.

Check the website for more updates or contact Wayne at 604-309-8730.

Good luck everybody on  Saturday !

Wayne Daigneault
July  19 th, 2014 Hi Everybody,

Due to bad weather derbybirds will not be going on 1st Ace pigeon race this weekend.

Will try for Monday or Tuesday next week.

Good luck to all.

Wayne Daigneault
 July  15 th, 2014 Hello Everybody,

Check the training toss from July 12th 2014 here

Wayne Daigneault
 July  7 th, 2014 Hello Everybody,

July 6/14, Have had 5 tosses to date so far,trying to go every second day now
getting birds ready for the first ACE PIGEON RACE.
Falcons have been heavy,as we know june @ july are our worst months.
July 19th is the first ace pigeon race weather permitting.

Anyone wanting to watch the race ,please contact Wayne 604-309-8730

Good luck
Wayne Daigneault
  May 9 th, 2014 Hello Everybody,

First group of about 56 birds have been out four times, having a big problem
with eagles, trying to catch them.

I think we are down 3 or 4 birds will try  for accurate head count in the next few days.

Wayne Daigneault
April  27th, 2014 Hello Everybody,

 Some good Derby news! The deadline for entering birds in the 2014 NRRPS Canuck Classic Derby, has been extended to Sunday May 4th, 2014.

There is still room for quite a few birds, so some participants may even think of teaming up with someone else to share the costs .. and the winnings!

Remember, there is a fair amount of money to be won and some of the funds from the Derby also go to support our club (we need that new truck in the not too distant future!).

Please contact Wayne Daigenault, our Derby Committee Chairperson, at
 604-309-8730 or (byrd_man13@hotmail.com) for more information and/or to make the necessary arrangements.

Thank you and best of luck!

David Kaplan
Recording Secretary
March  2nd, 2014

Hello everybody,

       North Road Racing Pigeon Society presents the 2014 Canuck Classic

       Please feel free to address any enquiries to our Derby Committe :

Derby Chairman & Loft Manger - Wayne Daigneault -  604-309-8730

Wayne Lochbaum - Home - 604-576-0225 Cell - 604-318-7464

Lil Coulson - 604-930-0940

Trey Coulson - 604-930-0940

Brian Nicholson - 604-644-5337

Dave Walker - 604-856-5151

Chris Moore - Home - 604-530-6032 Cell - 778-865-8741

                                   Derby rules can be read here

                                   Register your birds online here


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